I’m a Philadelphia based freelance photographer, journalist, writer, reporter, thrill seeker and siren chaser. Previously I was the senior web producer for Spirit Newspapers and the staff writer and photographer for The Declaration. I’ve had photos and words published in VICE, The Daily Beast, Philly Mag, Buzzfeed, Billy Penn, Ratter and other media outlets.


Selection of work:

The Declaration Staff Writer, Reporter and Photographer)

If You’re a Single Mother, You Won’t Be Able to Afford to Work at New Fishtown Restaurant “Girard”

More people have been murdered in Philadelphia since 9/11 than the total number of people who died on 9/11 ( Published on 9/11/2014)

If Your Public School Needs Toilet Paper, Tweet to Nutter and He Will Bring You Some

Making The Case For Why Mayoral Candidate Lynne Abraham is Everything Wrong With Humanity

What is Philly Media’s Problem With the Slutwalk? A history of Coverage (Or lack thereof)

Pro-Charter School Group Lands Advertisement Spot in VICE Documentary on Eating Dogs

Update On Your 2014 Philadelphia Police Weapons Arsenal: Here is What Another 260 M16’s Look Like

Philadelphians March Through Center City to Protest Monsanto, GMOs

Tacony Ku Klux Klan Rally Shouted-Down by Community MembersOutraged

Community Continues to Rally Over Fire Deaths, Fire Department Response Time

Beating Your Six Year Old Child with a Belt in a Park? It’s Legal in Pennsylvania

Gaza in Crisis: New Demonstrations Expected in Philly Today Over Israeli Invasion

Jewish Voice for Peace Protesters Occupy Lobby, Demand End to Israeli Siege of Gaza

Protester Tazed and Arrested During March in West Philly

Philadelphia Rallies in Support of Charlie Hebdo Victims

Q&A: Jessica Smith, Creator of “The Holiday Social” Clothing Drive for Philly’s Underprivileged Youth

Activists Protest the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company at the Annenberg Center

Aggregations, Shared Contributions, Photo Essays and Other Works

As Protests Heat Up in Mexico, Demonstrators at Philly Consulate Demand Justice

Photo Essay: Funeral for a Mantua Home

[Photo Gallery] Four more days of Philadelphia #ferguson solidarity protest.

Sights and Sounds: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Returns to South Street

Familiarize yourself with the photography of Paul Strand, then go see the exhibition at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

There are 7 days left for Philly Film Fest. Here is what you should see.

Faces of a Protest: Thursday’s #phled Rally in Photos

What commercial buildings in Philadelphia top the list for being energy wasters? 6abc is Number 1

Philadelphia Students Call for District-wide Strike Tomorrow

Mayoral Candidate Ken Trujillo Announces Views on Police-worn Body Cameras

“March to End Rape Culture” Takes the Streets of Center City

“If you’re a homophobe or racist coming into our city from the suburbs, we don’t want you here.” Potential Mayoral Candidate Jim Kenney

ALL kids in Philly public school will now get free breakfast and lunch, because it just makes sense.

“DEADLINE”: Will Steacy spends 5 years photographing Philadelphia Inquirer Newsroom decline for new book

Hop Sing Laundromat could be the best Facebook “friend” you have

The Daily Beast (Contributor) 

Confederates Cry Victim at D.C. March   

The Death Philly Cops Won’t Explain 

Philly Shut-Ins Pray For The Apocalypse 

VICE (Contributor)


Billy Penn (Contributor) 

Smiles a world away from home: Congolese refugees visit the Philadelphia Flower Show

Die-In 101: A brief history of the protest form, in Philly and beyond

#FergusonPHL protest runs into tree lighting; Backstory of the viral video that caused Cosby’s fall; #LOLSixers finally win

Philly Mag (Contributor)

Philly Shows Nation How to Protest the Right Way

Photos: Gaza Protest at LOVE Park

Ratter Baltimore (Reporter, Contributor, Photographer, Receiver of Teargas)



If You Love Pizza And You Loved Camp, Then Stay Far Away From “Pizza Camp”

Hide Yo’ Kids: NAMBLA’s Favorite Childhood Stars

“I Was On The Verge Of Losing My Shit”: Interview With A Former Walmart Employee

Making An Honest Living Off The Dead: Obituary Writer Q&A

Future Abortion Providers React To Colorado Springs

Meet The Politicians Who Voted To Protect NAMBLA’s Status

How To Spot An Undercover Cop

Grading Yeti’s Campus Stories

ISIS: They’re Just Like U.S.!

The Spirit (Senior Writer, Assignments Manager, Social Media Manager, Web Manager)

Partial selection of writing.  

Areas of expertise.

field reporting, protest and riot photography and reporting, crime scene reporting, social media strategy and management, DSLR and mobile phone photography and video, Adobe Lightroom, restaurant news, editorial strategy, team and project management, WordPress, internet curation and aggregation, branding, digital strategy and creative thinking.

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